About Shine By S.H.O

I have dedicated my entire life Chasing Beauty.  Objects, experiences, projects and ideas, it does not matter to me. Natural or man-made, inner or outer, grand or hidden, my pursuit of finding and creating beauty has consumed my life since I was a child.   I grew up in Southern California among incredible designers, artists and architects that not only inspired me but also allowed me to study the creative process. It taught me that creative ideas can be magical but making them come to life takes an incredible amount of resourcefulness, patience and most of all persistence.

As I pursued my Masters of Fine Art at UCLA, I was able to thrive in a creative environment that was both nurturing and supportive.  Photography, painting, sculpture and installation art were all disciplines that I blossomed in and still influences me today.  When I graduated, I pursued a career in Fine Art and was fortunate to have supportive galleries that allowed me to mount several solo exhibitions. Having my work in the permanent collections of museums and well-respected collectors was very gratifying but if I was honest my time in the Fine Art world taught me more about responding to getting knocked down than basking in universal praise.  I’m absolutely drawn to taking risks by putting creative work out into the world to be judged but at the same time I am still deeply terrified.  It’s only my ego and self worth, right?


In 2004, my husband and I founded a Shine by S.H.O focused on producing my lighting designs.  As the company grew, we expanded categories to become a full lifestyle brand with Furniture, Rugs, Lighting Accessories and Fabrics.  I am the luckiest girl in the world having my own brand that allows me to purse beauty in so many ways from product design to interior design.  Not only through Shine by S.H.O and our new brand SHO MODERN but with amazing collaborative partners that continually push my creativity in new and exciting ways.  My goal is always to be unique and authentic, pushing the boundaries of style and elegance.  As one of my fashion idols Coco Chanel once said, “In order to irreplaceable one must always be different.”  That, I intend to do!

Personally, my family has always been the center of my life.  My husband and I just celebrated our 25th Anniversary and have 4 great kids.  We live a stones throw from the Pacific Ocean and truly love the California lifestyle.  But we regularly travel the world as there is always new beauty to discover everywhere from Paris to Shanghai, Delhi to Kenya, St. Barth’s to San Miguel or wherever our next trip takes us!

I know this obsession with Chasing Beauty will never fade and that is truly a blessing.  Come join me……Susan